Friday, September 24, 2010

Testing, testing...

...yes, I've been doing a lot of test knitting.  All this test knitting has give me the opportunity to stock up on hand knits for my twenty year high school reunion fund raiser.  It's still undecided if I can go but it looks like it probably won't happen.  Not only is that disappointing in itself, but that gives me less knitting time as I need to account for shipping.

This test knit was for a fellow Malabrigo Junkie, Kristen Hanley Cardozo.  The Maple Leaf Rag Hat isn't published yet but I know a lot of people have been chomping at the bit for the pattern.  The hat can be knit in two different styles, cloche or slouchy.  The first time knitting this pattern I knit the slouchy version.  I fell in love with it...this hat will be hard to part with.  My only consolation is that it's such a fast and easy knit, I know I can whip out another one in no time.
 Yarn: Dream in Color - Classy 
Since it was such a quick knit, I decided to work up the cloche version in a navy.
Color: Paris Night - 52

And, oh my goodness...take a look at this little thing.  This test knit is not for the auction, instead will be gifted to a friend's daughter.  I just love this little top.  This can be knit in several styles as well.  I opted for the tank version.  This was a quick knit using a worsted weight yarn and can easily be knit up in just a few days (if you felt so inclined).  :-)
Mermaid Dream by Anne McCrea
Yarn: Stacy Charles - Mosaic
Color: Magenta - 113
(pattern not yet published - I'll update links when available)

And...I can't forget to share a sample knit I finished up a little bit ago.  These samples are for Debbie O'Neill.  With the pattern being on the back of the leg only, these knit up really quick, too.  I just love how this colorway knit up.
Cascading Leaves Socks by Debbie O'Neill