Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer is over...

Summer is over...for us that is to say.  They boys started back to school and are now in 1st grade.  I can hardly believe that they are actually full grown kids and no longer babies!  There are lots of firsts this year.  First year they will be at their new school, first year not in the same class, and of course, 1st grade.  They both did fine on their first day of school yesterday and were very excited about the day's events.  We'll see what the second day brings.  :-)  This is them posing in front of their new school on their first day.  They've got goofy expressions on their faces because the sun was in their eyes and by the time I had taken this picture, they were at their wits end with posing for me.  :-)

Now that school has started, I will, again, have two whole free days to myself, a week.  That means more time for knitting, cleaning, and...blogging!  Yes, it's been awhile and I've been quite lax in my efforts.  I have a lot of projects on the needles (quite unlike me to do so) so I should have plenty to blog about in upcoming weeks. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Funny for the day

My friend sent this to me today. I just had to share. It made me smile (and laugh out loud).

amy knit noodles