Monday, December 1, 2008

Kelly, Kelly...Stella

I've been on a felting kick lately - four out of the last ten projects I've finished have been felted. I'm especially excited about the Kelly bags I knit! I initially chose this project for my book club gift exchange. After finishing, I agonized over the decision to keep it or stick with the plan and gift it. Well - the end decision, I knit another one for myself! So I have two to show off today. :-) I knit the the first Kelly bag as written in the pattern. I knit Kelly Bag II with some modifications. I made the bag shorter in width, the flap longer, and tried to add a ruffle (but that didn't turn out so great). I just love the lining I found for both the bags - so cute!

The Kelly Bag II

Ok - now for Stella. I knitted a cloche hat - all the rage now :-) - for my Dad's wife as her Christmas gift. It turned out cute. I have not yet added the embellishments and haven't decided what I'm going to do either. But here's a picture for now. I still need to shave it. The old sweater shaver I bought from Fingerhut fifteen years ago isn't quite cutting it on this yarn.

Stella Cloche

more pics here

Ummm -what other things do I have to share? I'm going to try and make a felted cowboy hat for my neice to go with the cowboy boots that I got her for Christmas. Oh - I'm also going to give my dad's wife two dish towels that I knit towel toppers on - you know the kind - the kind you see at grandma's house - yes, those are the ones. I think that's it for my Christmas list knitting.

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