Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He's not a girl...

...but he still looks darn cute in it. This is the Baby Girl Brimmed Hat modified to fit a 4 year old girl. Generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of crochet (1) because I don't know how and (2) it's just so nubby. But sometimes I do like it and wish I could do it (like amigurumi - so cute!). That's what I love about this hat - though it's knit, it looks like crochet! I gifted the hat on Sunday and saw Francess wearing it to school today. Ugh! The flower looked aweful! I secured the petals with the same yarn that the flower was knit out of and it just pulled at the stitches. I asked if I could take the hat back and fix the flower. So...pictures of Francess in the hat are pre-mending and pictures with Seamus in the hat are post-mending. (Umm - how long do you think he'll keep trying on my hand knits for M&Ms?)

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