Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Great Unveiling - Part I

The baby shower that I've been knitting furiously for has finally come and gone! I'm calling this Part I because I only finished Carrie and Becky's gifts - I still need to finish Kristi's. I felt really bad about Kristi not being able to take anything home from me but no so much now that the shower is over (she knows she'll get her gift soon enough). They all received some really great hand knitted gifts. It was really fun to see all the gifts knitted up by all the women in this SnB.

These are the items I knit up for Carrie:
Fiona Top by Sanne Bjerregaand

Log Cabin Blanket

And these are the items I knit up for Becky:
Avery Sweater by Kristi Geraci

Log Cabin Blanket

Celeste did a great job planning the shower and we all had fun participating in the shower activity! She had all these templates cut out and fabric paint for painting on Onesies. Check it! I can be creative with a little direction!

Squirrel for Kristi

Robin for Carrie

Owl for Becky


morewithles said...

Those blankets are gorgeous!!!

Amy said...

Thank you! Well worth the knit. They are so easy to make.