Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the games begin!

In honor of the 2010 Winter Ravelympics, one of the local SnBs I attend had a cast-on party.  It was a potluck...and one of the finest potlucks I've ever been a part of, for example, glazed carrots, butternut squash soup, asparagus wrapped in phyllo dough (yeah, that's what I said), mustard-crusted salmon, tamales...need I go on.  And that doesn't even include desserts and other sides!  It was all sooo good!  Everyone was busy casting-on and frogging!  By the night's end I was no closer to my Ravelympics goal because of the frogging.

 My plan was to work on a few WIPs during Ravelympics because I just didn't want any stress.  When I was gathering everything for the party tonight, I realized that I do not want to knit the scarf that my mom had picked out.  So, I made an executive decision to frog the whole thing and start anew!  This is definitely more exciting for me!  :-)


morewithles said...

What fun!!!!

Amy said...

It's so wonderful to have such a great group of women to knit with!