Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yo! Yo!

Our first accumulation of snow this morning.  Perfect timing for Ronan and Seamus's winter hats that I finished sewing the buttons on last night.  Every year it's a struggle to find a hat pattern that all of us (me, my husband, and the boys) like.  For me, it's a struggle finding a pattern that I really want to knit.  For my husband, it's finding a hat that won't look too crafty.  And for the boys, it's finding a hat that they will actually wear.  After (only) one evening of searching and deliberating, I settled on Stephen West's Piece Out hat pattern.  I always want to cross my arms in front of my chest and holla "Yo, yo!" when I say the pattern name.   :-)  Anyway....  This is my first project in Malabrigo Rios.  Heavenly!  It's really soft and the colors are so rich!  I have the same colors in the Malabrigo's Merino Worsted base and it's just not as vibrant.  Ha!  Not like that will get me to stop using it, though.

Color: Paris Night - 52, Lettuce - 37

And on to other knitting news.  I'm really frustrated with the number of WIPs I've got going on right now.   I'm hoping to get two more finished up before the weekend starts...because I'm gonna be adding two more WIPs!  :-)  These hats were a nice reprieve from all the test knitting that I've been doing.  I do love test gives me the opportunity to knit something I otherwise probably would not knit.  (How's that for sounding passive?)  :-)  But I do enjoy it...and hopefully, I'll be blogging more about those in the upcoming month.

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