Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mmmm - ice cream!

Neapolitan anyone?
I picked this up at the new yarn/coffee/ice cream shop. This is shop is pure genius! Have I died and gone to heaven? Three of my most favorite things, all in one place?'s true and it's right here in Boulder - Purl Knit Cafe. This yarn is for me. I want to knit a pair of socks for me but I'm having a hard time finding a pattern that is not (a) lace (with holes in the pattern) and (b) not plain rib or stockinette. Hmmm - where might I find such a thing?

Here's a picture of another WIP - Rusted Root. This will be a birthday gift for my friend, Julie. I had a bit of a time getting it started but it finally seems to be coming together now.

I've decided to finish up my Froot Loop socks before moving on with the Rusted Root. I just don't like having so many WIPs laying around. I may just turn into a monogamous knitter.

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Becky said...

What about the broken rib sock that's in the 101 one-skein wonders book (the pink one that Michelle love?)? Or maybe the aran braid socks ( I really do love the yarn though :)