Sunday, June 1, 2008

Busy Weekend

My nephew graduated from high school last weekend. Saturday was the celebration. After a family dinner, we all went to the Denver Aquarium. I don't know that if it's I've matured or because I have children now or that it's just better - but that place was pretty cool! We did have a set back within the first five minutes, though. One of my nieces came running back to me from the dinosaur room to tell me that Ronan had just thrown up. I raced up to the front and not only had he just thrown up but he did it all over another one of nieces. Ugh!!! She was covered - it was so gross! Poor things (Ronan and my niece). But once we dealt with that and moved on - Ronan was good to go. He just spent the rest of the evening in his onsie, pajama bottoms, and (thank goodness for) Crocs.

So we got a new camera this past Christmas. I knew I loved it before, but I love it even more now! Take a look at some of the pictures this camera took at the Aquarium! I felt like Jacques Cousteau!

I even managed to finish up my Froot Loop socks. I don't have a final pic yet but should be able to get a pic up in the next week. I decided to move on to and try to finish up Seamus' toe-up socks. I'm just about done with those. Then I'll finish up the Rusted Root top.

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