Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's finally spring!  And it's finally feeling like it...lot's of rain and sunshine.   I love it!  I've had my eye on this shrug for a while but was waiting for my local yarn store to get the right color of Malabrigo Chunky in stock.  Finally!  It came in last week.  But once I got it home, I realized it was Worsted instead of Chunky.  Ugh!  I was dying to start this shrug...what was I going to do?    :-)   I broke down and decided to knit it in Malabrigo Twist.  I know I've said this (twice) before, but I LOVE this yarn!   It's so soft and I love the drape of everything I've knit with it.  Here it is, Quick Shawl-Collared Shrug by SweaterBabe
Quick Shawl-Collared Shrug_collage

For the next one I knit, I will do a provisional cast on to get rid of the seam in the back.  It doesn't really bother me but I'd rather pick out the provisional cast on than pick up stitches and make sure the pattern lines up correctly.  That's the only thing I would change about this pattern.  I really enjoyed knitting it and I absolutely LOVE the results.  The tank top I'm wearing under this shrug I purchased three years ago and have never worn because I just wasn't comfortable with all that skin showing.  But now, this shrug has changed all that.  Don't the two just look so cute together?  :-)  The ribbed stitch pattern makes the resulting fabric very stretchy so it's very comfortable to wear.  I don't understand why this pattern hasn't been knit by more people on Ravelry.  This is my first shrug and I am now in love with them!


morewithles said...

Very cute! I am dying to try one of SweaterBabe's patterns myself.

Amy said...

Thanks, Leslie. This was my first SweaterBabe pattern and I'd definitely buy more.