Monday, April 19, 2010

Denver Roller Dolls

This posting is a little late as all of this happened on Saturday night. I'm a bit technically challenged when it comes to all this fancy "posting" stuff.  I didn't know I could send a pic from my phone to my email.  I just needed to push that little button that changed the type from symbol/numeric to alpha.  Anyway...I'm here now.  :-)

Denver Roller Dolls!  Awesome!  These women rock!  Roller derby is not for the faint of least not for participants.  But watching?  That's another story.  I thought roller derby would be totally hard core.  There are two things that really surprised me.  First, I totally expected these women to be out for blood!  Not true.  There are three teams in the Denver Roller Dolls league and they all practice and travel together so there's a strong camaraderie out there on the track.  It's actually pretty tame and very family friendly.  Though one woman blew out her knee and another, Disco, landed really hard on her face.  And yes, I saw her later that night, it did leave a mark.  Second...that track is small!  I thought it would be a lot bigger.  All those skaters have to whip around that track at a pretty high rpm.  All in all, it was a really fun night.  We arrivede early enough to get seats on the floor so we were pretty close to the action...but not close enough to smell sweat like the people on the floor in front of us.  People watching at the derby is almost as fun as watching the derby itself! 
Denver Roller Dolls


Kendra Blood said...

Thanks for coming to the bout! You did see skaters who practice and train together this month, although next month our travel teams will be hosting teams from Utah and Texas - those will be great to see!

Denver is known for a particular style of play - you saw a lot of slow skating and 'trapping'. Hosting a team from a different league will mean a clash of different styles of play. You should come back and check it out!

Both injured players you mention, Minimum Rage and Disco, were on my team :( I wish we could have pulled off a win in their honor, no such luck :(

Kendra Blood
Green Barrettes Co-Captain
Denver Roller Dolls

Amy said...

Kendra Blood - thanks so much for commenting and letting me know how it all works! Good info. I am definitely planning on making it back out when host different leagues! You guys are awesome out there! Thanks so much...I know you guys have to pay to play. We all had a great time!