Wednesday, August 4, 2010


When I say that in my head I feel like Harry Potter.  :-)

This is a test knit I did for Through the Loops - Kirsten Kapur.  It's a beautiful triangular shawl with such fantastic texture...the wrong side is just as beautiful as the right side.  My gauge, of course, was much smaller than the pattern.  I'm such a tight knitter and should know better but I always think I can block it out.  When will I ever learn that blocking is not a cure-all?  :-)  Anyway, regardless, this is still the largest shawl I've knit to date.  It's so beautiful!  I know I keep using that word but I can't think of a better adjective.  It's the pattern, the texture, the color, and of course...the yarn.  The yarn was so soft and wonderful to knit with and only increased exponentially after washing. 
Ravelry: Curatio
Yarn: madelinetosh - Prairie
Color: Winter Wheat


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Wow that turned out beautifully!

Emmy Lou said...

looks so nice, was it fun to knit too?

Amy said...

Thank you, thank you for the nice comments.

Emmy, yes...this was a fun knit. It helps when you really love the yarn!

Becky said...

It is lovely, and so soft! I think it's a great size for you too