Friday, February 11, 2011

A few more...

Keeping up with a theme, today's post will show off a few hats that I knit recently.  And from these two knits, I've realized that adding cables to a hat provides added thickness and warmth making 'em that much cozier.

The most recent hat I finished was a test knit for Breean Elyse.  And since knitting it, I've fallen in love with cabled hats.  I can't stop looking at them or for them.  This one was a special treat because it was for me.  Zinc is one of my favorite Malabrigo colorways.  And the hint of taupe really helped make the cables pop!
Obstacles Hat by Breean Elyse
Color: Zinc - 613

Now this hat was knit on a whim.  This was for a friend's mother that recently had brain surgery and as a result needed hats to help protect her from the cold Minnesota winter.  I wasn't even looking to knit a hat but when I saw the pattern and noticed it called for some yarn in my stash, I cast on!  I didn't do the best job paying attention to the plain knit rounds so it isn't as slouchy as the pattern called for but I'm not so sure that's a bad thing.  Because of the chunky yarn and the cables, the hat ended up being fairly heavy so a slouchy hat may have resulted in a hat that wouldn't stay on the head (at least that's what I'm tellin' myself).  :-)  I hope this does the trick and helps keep her head warm!
Color: Lilacs - 6183


Marty said...

I love the test knit; the color really does make the cables pop. Very pretty! Lets see some pictures of it on...

Anonymous said...

I love both of those!!!

Amy said...

Marty - I do have's just not very good. I'll post it on my project page, today. :-) Hi!!

Leslie - Thank you! They were both so quick and the pink one took less than 150 yards.

GreenGardenMom said...

I love the purple one.