Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let the Madness begin!

It's March!  And that means it's time for Malabrigo March Madness!!!  Yes, it's a crazy month for me and I"m already off to a bad start.  I started swatching at midnight last night and was unsuccessful at getting gauge.  I may have to change my thoughts on this.  Last year I finished ten Malabrigo projects and one non-Malabrigo project.  I'm not confident I can do that this year as I have two (maybe three) sweaters on the list, two pairs of socks, and two vests for the boys.  Acht!  Now that I've just typed that out, there is no way!!!!  One can hope, huh?  Well, that's the plan for now, we'll see how I fare at the end of the month.  Oh, I'm co-leading another KAL this year, General Accessory group.  Good luck to all you Malabrigo Marchers!!!  Happy knitting!


Lauren said...

Never heard of Malabrigo March Madness, but I love it! Also - you are nuts :) That is quite a project list!

Amy said...

Hi Lauren! Malabrigo March...on Ravelry...it will make your head spin. :-) But it is fun. I know there's no way I can get thru all the sweaters. I only wish I could. :-)


Anna said...

Your photos and projects are amazing. I have really enjoyed looking at them and admiring your talent!