Thursday, June 10, 2010

Herbivore latest knit!  And I love it.  I love the drape and weight of this shawl.  This yarn is a wool/silk blend that gives this shawl beautiful sheen and drape.  The weekend is going to cool off considerably around here so it will be the perfect occasion to wear it at the Estes Park Wool Market.  The colorway is a bit funky and typically not something I'd pick for myself.  But Mew Mew's was having their 4th Anniversary Sale and I was intrigued by it, I figured it would be a good time to try it.    This is my first Stephen West knit and I'm really happy with the result.  The design is interesting and classic...not to frilly or funky for me.  I've been dying to knit his Daybreak and Colonnade patterns, too.
Ravelry: Herbivore


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Thank you, Leslie. It's funny...I often think of you when I am knitting shawls and especially when I see beautiful versions of the Shetland Triangle. I still adore the one I won from your blog contest. I'm test knitting a shawl that you might lace. :-) Keep your eyes peeled.