Sunday, June 6, 2010

The latest seems like it's been forever since I've blogged.  I know what people mean about the summer getting so busy.  My niece graduated from high school last week so we've had two weekends in a row of functions in her honor.  And now that the birthday festivities are over and done with, I actually got some knitting done.

This is going to be Part II of my great unveiling since I had a Part I.  Though the shower was for three pregnant woman, you will notice that there are only two in the pictures.  That's because I didn't have any of Kristi's gifts done by the time the shower rolled around.  Alas, I still do not have any pics of her but I do have pics of the items that were gifted to her.  The first project is a WIP that was started back in January for Kristi who's baby shower was back in August and who's baby was born back in November.  So needless to say...this is a little belated.
Colors: Flamingo Pie (VM410), Cinnamon Girl (VM11S), Good Luck Jade (VM410)

This sweater was finished shortly after the baby shower.  I had a hard time finding a pattern that I thought would do this yarn justice.  What so special about the yarn you ask?  It's Kristi's own handspun!
Yarn: Handspun by Kristi
 Ok - now on to stuff for me.  :-)  

I finished a test knit for a fellow Malabrigo Junkie, Tori Gurbisz.  I knitted my first shrug back in April and fell in love with them.  This shrug was knitted in lace weight and has such a great feel against my skin.  My first garment in lace weight and I can't wait to knit another.  I'm now on the hunt for a lace weight cardigan.
Ravelry: Dulcet
Pattern: Dulcet by Tori Gurbisz
Yarn: Malabrigo - Lace
Color: Apple Green - 11 
I'm waiting for the pattern to start another test knit.  I can't wait!  In the mean time, I'm keeping myself busy knitting a shawl.   I was hoping to have it done by tonight...but I guess I can give myself a few more days to knit it.  :-)  Ta ta for now!


morewithles said...

cute stuff. i specially love the colors in that blanket!

Amy said...

Thanks, Leslie!