Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And finally!

And, finally, my last post for the day.

This is a test knit I finished up over the weekend.  This tank turned out beautifully.  The design and shaping was effortless to knit.  None of this, "...bo 2 sts at each end over the next 6 rows..." business.  The result is a classic, tailored tank that is so heavenly soft against the skin. I am truly amazed at the beauty of this design!  I will definitely be looking forward to more designs by Amanda Bell.  The pattern hasn't been published yet so I don't have a link to a pattern yet.
Castanea Sativa by Amanda Bell
Yarn: Sunshine Yarns - Silk Cashmere 2 ply
Color: Feather

If you've been keep up with today's post, you will notice that all these projects have been knit with Sunshine Yarns.  Yes...my current obsession.  It does hurt that Dani lives here in town so her yarn is so easily accessible.  And it doesn't hurt that she delivers it to me at knit night on Tuesdays.  And it doesn't hurt that she's one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet.  If you haven't used her yarn, do it!  The colors are so beautiful and that Silk Cashmere is the softest yarn I have ever knit with!


Anonymous said...

I love these update posts -- and that tank is gorgeous!

Amy said...

Thanks, Leslie! I'm glad you're keeping up with the posts (and enjoying them). :-) The summer was so busy it's nice to have time to blog again.

Nancy M. said...

I write from Greece I love knitting as well and I keep up with blogs like yours. the tank you made is terrific I love it and I will try to make one too. Here in Greece we have a shop with yarns that mixes you any yarn you like. When I was in the States they sent me over any combination i ordered. check the site www.knit.gr

Keep up the good job with knitting.

Nancy M.

Amy said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks so much for the compliments and reading my blog. I'll check out that yarn site. I can't wait to see your tank. Are you on Ravelry?

Amanda said...

Thanks so much for testing! Your FO (and photos) are gorgeous :)

Amy said...

Thanks, Amanda! I love the tank and knitting it was a joy. I meant every word I said about how well this was designed! Thanks again!

Jen said...

Amy, it's great to meet you, and I'm so honored that you want to knit my pattern ! I think you are a first-rate knitter and a great photographer, not to mention stunning model. I'll be watching your space here !