Tuesday, September 6, 2011

As promised...

As promised, I have a few knits to blog about.  I think I'm gonna just post about them all separately. 

I'll start with my Stephen West, Westknits Mystery Shawl, aka Earth & Sky.  I was so excited to start this. But I had issues from the get-go.  I am awful, absolutely awful about choosing colors to go together.  So after much deliberation, I sought advice from an expert...Dani from Sunshine Yarns.  I've received so many compliments on the colors of this shawl but I can not take credit.
Yarn: Sunshine Yarns -  Single Ply Merino Fine 
Colors: (a) Rose Garden; (b) Plum Wine; (c) Jungle Green 
 If you know my project history, you know that I do not, often, choose patterns with intarsia or stranded knitting.  This pattern had both.  The intarsia I didn't know about until I was well into the second clue of this mystery knit.  But the stranded knitting I knew about and opted for the challenge.  I love the final result of the shawl but I will have to admit that I wasn't fond of knitting it...for the reasons I just stated.  Had I known ahead of time, I would have preferred to end the shawl's larger stripes with the Plum Wine versus the Rose Garden.  As a result, I changed up the color variation on the border.  All-in-all, I am happy with my shawl and will definitely use/wear it. I've decided, recently, that I prefer semi-circular shawls or shawls that arc versus a triangular shape. The wing span of this shawl makes up for the triangular shape making it much more functional.


Anonymous said...

I love projects that present challenge and/or take me out of my comfort zone. Bonus? You got this gorgeous shawl to sport around. Beautiful and cheerful. Thanks for the treat :D

Amy said...

That is definitely a bonus! I love the size, too. Thanks for the comments. :-)

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