Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stitches Midwest 2011

I WENT TO STITCHES MIDWEST!!!!  It was so fun!  My first Stitches event.  It was such a quick trip.  I was in on Saturday morning and out Sunday morning.  I met up with some awesome people and bought lots of yarn!  My only disappointment...I didn't run into Jared Flood or Stephen West, both of whom were in attendance on Friday night (so I heard).

It all started when my friend, Lynna, asked if I was going.  She said she'd be taking the bus down for the day with some people from her neck of the woods.  Well, that was all I needed to get the ball rolling.  Next thing I knew, I had a room booked and an airplane ticket purchased!  And the next thing Lynna knew, she was driving herself in for the two days, shuffling me back and forth from the airport, and shacking up with me in my hotel room!  :-)

While I was there I met up with a designer, Sarah Burghardt from Sarah Bear Crafts and a good friend from here in Colorado, Bich-Thu.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get a pic of Sarah and I together...but we did buy yarn together.  :-)
2011-08-27 13.33.27a
This is Bich-Thu and I standing at the entrance of Stitches.  Not a great pic because it's from my phone.
While I was there, I just had to stop by the Malabrigo Yarn booth.  I was hoping to check out the new bases that I've heard about but no such luck.  They didn't have any samples for me to fondle and oggle over.  But to my surprise and delight, the sweater that I knit as a sample almost two years ago, was hanging in their booth!!!  Can you say, "Squeeee!"  I know, I normally don't like that word but I was just so excited!
The blue sweater just to the left of my head is the sample I knit.
And last, but definitely not least, this is a picture of Lynna modeling the cowl I knit for her as a thank you gift for schlepping me to and from the airport.  Of course, I forgot to get a pic of us together, at Stitches, but she was kind enough to take photos and send them to me for sharing on my project page (and blog).  This cowl is so, so heavenly in this yarn.  I will definitely be making another one for me.  :-)
Yarn: Sunshine Yarns - Silk Cashmere 2 ply
Color: Feather

It was really nice to finally be able to attend a Stitches event.  Though I wasn't able to take any classes this time out, I will definitely plan on it next time.  I was fortunate to be able to meet up with Lynna, a woman I've been friends with for almost two years now.  She found my blog and we've been friends from then on.  This was our first opportunity to meet in person.  We vowed we will get our families together, eventually.  And to be able to meet up with Sarah was a treat because she's famous to me.  :-)  She's as sweet in person as she is online. 

ETA: Ooops!  I forgot to show off the loot I purchased!
1. Marisol Yarn - Sulka - Truffle (206)
2.  Miss Babs - Yummy Superwash Sport 3-ply - The Gothic Queen
3.  Ella Rae - Lace Merino - no colorway given


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