Thursday, March 4, 2010


One of my favorite blogs to read is JCasa*handmade.  I first stumbled on her blog when I saw pictures of her twin girls in the Twins group on Flickr.  I find her stuff (not just knitting) so inspiring.  My latest hand knit is one of Jennifer Casa's patterns, Neighborly with a Twist.  I started this little number the Saturday before the Olympic closing ceremonies and was hoping I could finish it up in order to include it in my Ravelympics FOs...but alas...I fretted about a contrasting color.  The color I ended up with was the one I wanted to use from the very beginning but was afraid it would bleed on to the undyed yarn.  With some testing and a dash of vinegar...all ended well.  I can't believe I actually finished a present before the actual birthday party!  This is for my friend's daughter (who also knits and appreciates all hand knits received).  The button is perfect!  It came from my late grandmother's vintage button stash.

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Emmy Lou said...

you've been a knitting machine! super cute and way to get it done before the party, I am certainly impressed :D