Monday, March 1, 2010

Ravelympics - Winter 2010

As with the official Olympic events, the closing ceremonies marks the end of Ravelympics.  I started the Winter 2010 Ravelympics with low expectations.  I just wanted to finish two WIPs that were languishing on the needles for a year.  I didn't want the stress of trying to finish multiple projects or even one complicated pattern.  But of course, as one project comes off the needles, another one is itching to get on.  I did challenge myself with each of the projects finished and entered in this year's Ravelympics.

The picture below is just a quick collage of the projects that were finished...
Clockwise from the top left: Sedum by Jane Richmond, Nola's Mitts (Pitts' Mitts) by Brittany Tyler, Olympic Storm (Storm Cloud Shawlette) by Hanna Breetz , Orchids and Fairy Lights by tiny owl knits

Sedum - Challenge:  finish it!
Nola's Mitts - Challenge:  fair isle or stranded knitting
Olympic Storm - Challenge: knitting a project with that yarn (!)
Orchids and Fairy Lights - Challenge: bobbles and cables

And look how cute the medals are that they give out!

Now the fun begins!  Malabrigo March is here and I've already got FOUR projects slated for the month.


Alice said...

Wow you finished some awesome knits during the Ravelympics! Well done. I'm excited to see your MalMarch knitting!!

morewithles said...

yea!!!! good for you!!!

Amy said...

Thanks, Alice and Leslie! I'm really looking forward to MalMarch! :-)